We’re Getting Married

SATURDAY, 11th April 2015


“How we fell in love”

Once-upon-a-time in a valley full of lettuce there was a girl who met a boy by the name of Alex. Lisa only known to Alex by the name of Princess, met when she was only 14, he was 18. She was best friends to Alex’s sister Delenia, whom was having a Quinceanera that year and had weekly practices where they all would come together. That’s when a friendship began and continued through the years.

It wasn’t until 2009, almost 10 years later, when a friendship bloomed in to a relationship. The date was April 18th, 2009 and Delenia asked Alex to join them at a friends wedding. When he arrived he spotted Lisa from a far on the dance floor looking like she was having a great time. Of course every end of a song might end a dancing mood and that’s when she walked off the dance floor in Alex’s direction. They locked eyes! Talking the night away, the party had moved to Alex’s aunt and uncle’s house. That night you could tell there was a different kind of connection or friendship forming. Lisa and Alex ended that night with their first kiss! Since, inseparable they have become. They may both have their own versions on how or when they fell in love. But from the out side, friends and family would probably say they’ve been in love since that day on!

View a few pictures from our early “lovebirds” years: